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Ways In Which a Fuel Tank Can be Cleaned

Fuel tanks need regular cleaning and well drying to prevent them from rusting. Be it cars or bikes, all fuel tanks need this. The tanks are mainly made of steel which is mostly stainless but when in constant contact with the oil it tends to get rusty. Cleaning the inside of the tank is quite a challenging task to do. This is because with time it gets so sticky with oils and slippery, and only a certain detergent and method of cleaning can make them clean. Several ways are used to clean the tanks at home.

A non-reactive chemical to the material and the oils present is the first thing to look for. The chemicals bought should be cheap and easy to use in the method that a person decides to settle for.

Ensure the fuel and chemicals have labels showing how to use them and read them carefully before use. Some of these cleaning methods do not require a person who is prone to accidents or allergic to strong chemicals. When using these chemicals, it is good to wear protective gear like gloves and apron. As a safety precaution, keep a bucket of water close just in case of any accidental cases of different chemicals reacting. Washing your skin with cold water as the first thing is important in the case of spillage.
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Use of an acid in any cleaning process makes it very dangerous. Just to sample one of the methods, we will use the caustic soda powder and hydrochloric acid and for a good finish we need the phosphoric acid. Most of this items are easy to find and very cheap in many stores.
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If there is some remaining fuel in the tank; the first thing should be removing it and keeping it safe for future use. Also remove the tap fuel filters and block the walls with bolts or any other metallic thing. You should never use bottle tops or corks in blocking since in many cases they react to the chemicals and burn which might cause accidents.

An open ground or a garage floor is a good spot to clean the tanks. Pour the caustic soda in a water filled thirdly in the tank. After putting in the caustic soda, some reaction is visible, and that is ok, then fill the rest of the tank with more water. Leave the mixture in the tank for several hours and then flush it out. Then add water in the tank to rinse out the residue and allow it sundry. After that is done, you can enjoy using your well-cleaned tank.