Designer Hand Bags For All Purposes

Designer Hand Bags For All Purposes

In the article we are going to look at the range of handbags and the purposes they fulfil. Spending a few hundred pounds on a Prada or Gucci is fantastic but how often is going to happen and will having just one handbag fulfil all of your daily practical usages, probably not so here we are talking about what types of bags you might need.

Types of handbags purposes –

Going out

So if you going clubbing or out for a meal you might consider a smaller more formal bag that is a clutch type bag. Many of these bags have detail like gold edging or clasps. Matching your outfit with a going out bag is easy and there are plenty of colour options to select from. White and black are popular colours.


These tend to be larger and fit over the shoulder and are useful at putting your shopping in without the need to carry the plastic bags the shops tend to hand out. Shopping bags used to be plain and boring but now are floral and bright as people buy a shopping bag as a fashion accessory not just something to sling your purchases in!


Again when going to work you are likely to have quite a big bag that can cater all of your every items and many of these will fit over the shoulder. Some people will have a separate bag or case if they carry a laptop or netbook around with them. Work bags are sometimes more formal depending on your place of work or viewpoint on fashion and style against having a bag that you might be expected to use in your particular place of work!

A work bag will have plenty of internal and external pockets to help keep you organised …

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Inseparable Destiny - Bags And Women

Inseparable Destiny – Bags And Women

When I was a little girl, my father always complained that my mother bought too many bags. To a man like my father, it is ridiculous and crazy to spend most salary on bags just because they are shiny and smart. One big simple handbag is enough. My mother explained at the first time and she showed dozens of reasons; however she gave up later. “I bought bags for I am a woman!” she said. When I grew up, and when I can’t help going into shops and purchasing bags back home, I can totally understand how my dear mom thought about at that time.

Women to bags are like men to ties. Men wear ties that match their clothes while women carry bags that match their dresses. Ties of varied types stand for different social statues for a male while bags of various-class material represent a female’s personal mood in distinct situations.

Imagine, you met a woman someday who took a delicate handbag banded by Swarovski crystal to attend an important banquet. Thinking of seldom will she use it in her daily life, you would find it is a necessity in such a big day. This handbag shows that he takes the party seriously and wants attention. Two days after the gathering, the woman brought a black laptop bag to the modern building. Obviously, she was going to her office. The laptop bag was simple and not so eye-catching, but it revealed the inner world of the woman. She focused only on her work, and she was confident of meeting with all the challenge in her future career. When you saw her for the third time in a downtown street, she must be with a big leather shoulder bag since she decided to go shopping. She needed to be …

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