Four Fashion Secrets of Carrying a Chic Bag

Four Fashion Secrets of Carrying a Chic Bag

A manager of a famous clothing store told me that she usually judges the potential purchasing power of a customer by the observation of the customer’s bag. The manager believes that picking up the right bag is much more difficult than wearing chic clothes. Here are some tips for you to bag the right style.

No more than one bag

It is a fact that carrying no more than one bag will make you appear clean and neat. If you have a lot of things to carry and feel it necessary to carry two bags, a backpack and a handbag will make you nimble and lively. Try to avoid carrying two bags of the same style.

Pay attention to the color combination of other accessories

Every girl knows that she will surely not make mistakes to hold a bag of the same color with her shoes. However, such combinations are not absolutes. Bags could match perfectly with not only shoes but also belts, clothes, and even silk scarves. Here are some methods to create a perfect combination of your bags and accessories:

Colors belong to the same color system will bring you a sense of elegance; Contrast colors will be the most eye-catching combination; Bright-colored bags will perfectly match those clothes of neutral colors.

Don’t make a mess inside your bag

Many girls like large bags because they could put everything in – books, cosmetics, bottles, snacks, and clothes all could be contained in a large bag. However, don’t suppose you could do that because no one else could see what are in your bags. The cleanness of the inner bag is a symbol of the elegance and femininity of a lady.

Look in the mirror again with your bag before going out

A final word of advice, remember holding …

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Great Idea for Party Bag Fillers

Great Idea for Party Bag Fillers

Great Idea for Party Bag Fillers

It takes time to plan what to put in a party bag and time is something that many parents don’t have, so we have come up with some great gift ideas to include that boys and girls will like.

Most children have certain themes for their parties such as the Princess Party, Pirate party and so on. Whatever theme you choose, it helps you have a party bag that matches the party theme.

Great Ideas for Kids Halloween Goodie Bags

If you are planning this year’s Halloween Party, whether it is for some children or a large group of children, they will still hope to go home with some form of the party bag. Here are some great ideas for scary Halloween party gifts:

Paper & Plastic Bags

Paper Bags – You can buy ordinary paper bags with or without handles in extraordinary traditional Halloween colors, such as orange, black, white, red and green.

Paper bags are also good for decoration. Children will have fun making their scary monster party bag.

Fill them with small Halloween themed toys and some sweets.

For extra spooky effects, you can wrap small toys in an artificial stretchy spider web and then place them in each paper bag. Or maybe sprinkle some Halloween-themed confetti for a great effect.

Cello Bag – Available plain or printed and is ideal for filling small toys and sweets. Most bags have ties, but you can try & use something a little more appropriate like a black pipe cleaner to give the effect of a hairy spider.

A scary witch shaped cello bag is ideal for being filled with popcorn if you think the child is eating too much candy.

Prize Cup

Children can easily decorate ordinary paper cups, providing many craft materials to create their own scary creations.…

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Backpack Boxing Tips - Practice Like a Pro!

Backpack Boxing Tips – Practice Like a Pro!

Backpack Boxing Tips - Practice Like a Pro!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional boxer? Apart from having the guts to step into the arena from the start, it takes years of preparation, dedication, training, and determination to succeed.

Many fighters follow the ‘old school’ approach to training which has been passed down from trainers to combat to trainers etc … It follows the basic principles of strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and explosive power.

Let’s start with perseverance. Many say that boxers need endurance from marathon runners to keep trying a maximum of 12 rounds. This is achieved by punishing roadwork (running), often in the early hours of the morning when the air is clear and no one is around. There are several different accounts about how far the boxer really ran. Some prefer to run shorter and faster (4-5 miles with speed), while others will run for longer distances (10 miles or more). I think the combination of the two is the best for your preparation – long run initially with hill work to build stamina then shorten the run and increase speed closer to fight the night by finishing with a sprint session for speed.

Speed, strength and explosive power are achieved through working hours in the gym. A typical session will follow the basic principles of a general fitness routine – warming up, stretching, cardio, resistance training, cooling, stretching:

Warming up: This will involve 4-6 rounds of duration of 3 minutes shadow-boxing with a 1 minute break between turns. The purpose of this is to involve your muscular-nerve pathways (training activities that must be followed so that your mind and body are activated) and to increase blood flow and heart rate so that the body is ready for intensive training.

Stretching: Good stretching is important to help minimize the risk of injury.

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What to Pack In Your Carry On Luggage

What to Pack In Your Carry On Luggage

What to Pack In Your Carry On Luggage

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the most important bag that you will have to pack is your carry on luggage. This luggage bag will have everything in it to maintain your daily routine while you are traveling. Of course, depending on your personal daily requirements and the reason you are traveling will all depend on what you pack in your carry on. Listed below are a few travel tips on what to pack in your carry on luggage.

Traveling for Leisure

Prescription medication, you need to pack it in your carry on for easy access. I pack my husbands medication in a plastic bag in the prescription bottles that he receives them from the drugstore for security check purposes.

Daily hygiene items, toothbrush, toothpaste, some cosmetics, etc.

Identification, passport, cash. I wear a fanny pack instead of carrying a purse with a little cash in it just in case I need to purchase things while en route to my destination.

Take a book to read. Helps pass the time at the airport and on the plane. My husband likes to do puzzles therefore he takes a puzzle book in his carry on.

Pack 3 – 4 days worth of clothing, depending on the activities that you have planned for while you are away. Undergarments, shorts, bathing suit, sundresses, sandals etc. Our clothes are basic colors and we can mix and match so that we are not over packed at the same time.

Make a packing list, as stated in a previous article, of your essentials and your non-essentials. You can always cut down on your non-essentials if you feel your carry on is over packed.

Traveling for Business


Business files and business papers. You can always do some paperwork on the plane to get prepared for …

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Inseparable Destiny - Bags And Women

Inseparable Destiny – Bags And Women

When I was a little girl, my father always complained that my mother bought too many bags. To a man like my father, it is ridiculous and crazy to spend most salary on bags just because they are shiny and smart. One big simple handbag is enough. My mother explained at the first time and she showed dozens of reasons; however she gave up later. “I bought bags for I am a woman!” she said. When I grew up, and when I can’t help going into shops and purchasing bags back home, I can totally understand how my dear mom thought about at that time.

Women to bags are like men to ties. Men wear ties that match their clothes while women carry bags that match their dresses. Ties of varied types stand for different social statues for a male while bags of various-class material represent a female’s personal mood in distinct situations.

Imagine, you met a woman someday who took a delicate handbag banded by Swarovski crystal to attend an important banquet. Thinking of seldom will she use it in her daily life, you would find it is a necessity in such a big day. This handbag shows that he takes the party seriously and wants attention. Two days after the gathering, the woman brought a black laptop bag to the modern building. Obviously, she was going to her office. The laptop bag was simple and not so eye-catching, but it revealed the inner world of the woman. She focused only on her work, and she was confident of meeting with all the challenge in her future career. When you saw her for the third time in a downtown street, she must be with a big leather shoulder bag since she decided to go shopping. She needed to be …

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Women’s Bags & Accessories

Stylish HandbagsThere are dozens of bag varieties on today’s marketplace for any occasion no matter if you travel or go to a celebration. Function and style it would appear walk hand and hand, but that is not constantly so and when it comes to handbags numerous of the customers would leave function behind hands down for style. Currently Wholesale Designer Handbags are becoming popular simply because each and every girl desires to look lovely and flaunt up her looks with a classy purse. Louis Vuitton has also come out with a variety of wallets and little handbags in leather.

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Trendy wholesale handbags over the net are essentially privy to an identical recording label not to mention higher-finish ticker even if from a healthier charge and then the pliability from residential supplying. This is one of an additional favorites of mine from wholesale designer handbags categories, a Fur handbag! You need to be patient when you are hunting for utilised handbags that you are organizing to get. Our cyber shelves are loaded with stylish handbags in a wide variety of wearable wardrobe shades and they have your name written all over them (as lengthy as we don’t get there initial)!

Now, in this age of higher Internet use, ladies have a different solution for getting designer handbags. In the diverse needs of our valued clientele, we are engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling, trading, importing & supplying an substantial …

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Stylish Handbags, Purses, Celebrity Bags, Accessories And Much more

Stylish HandbagsFashionable leather tote bags are a convenient and fashionable way to carry around all of your essentials. In the previous month, all the car and motorbike country’s economy could be pop up despite the fact that they could theplummeting selection lane gameplay, at the very same time inside the equal scenario intensifying values is just raising life value ranges and also interestrates would be presenting the sourcing expense of credit scores around severe phases.

These are the kinds that have one or occasionally two large straps that goes over one particular really should and across the body.These are perfect for busy ladies who are functioning in an ladies surely will need satchel handbags since they usually want to carry important files ,specially during firm meeting,or if they want to bring their paper functions at students are also using these bags to help them carry their books, note books and other college supplies.

Accessories have been a lot essential in women’s life and fashionable handbags are an best accessory to complete the fashionable personality of today’s a days handbags include incredibly fashionable and sophisticated we know that fashionable and fashionable accessories offers persons anything to speak about specially accessories have been significantly significant in women’s life.

The good news is that Bags NO Sufficient have a wide selection of genuine… Obtain Women’s BAGS On the net ZALORA Singapore: Shop Women’s BAGS 2015 Collection On the internet @ ZALORA SG. Cost-free Delivery Above 40 Money On Delivery 30 Days Free Return. On on-line stores, top designer handbags can be ordered from anywhere in the globe. We have an exciting collection of handbags accessible in quite a few sizes and colors. They come in floral patterns and colourful materials that appear beautiful and fashionable.

Function and style it would seem walk hand and …

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