I’m a Walking Billboard for the Gospel

When I started going to church a few years ago, it was mainly because a new friend had invited me. I didn’t really feel one way or another about going, but I did like that we were going out to lunch afterwards. A funny thing happened though. Every week, I found myself listening to the sermons more, and now I am a born again Christian. I am going to church hungry, but it’s no longer for the food afterward. Not long ago, I found a website that sells Christian clothing and more, and it has become my new favorite website.

We are supposed to share the gospel everywhere we go, and I can’t think of a better conversation piece than wearing a shirt that promotes the gospel. I found quite a few women’s T-shirts that have powerful scripture on them that have started more than one talk between myself and a random stranger. I see people smiling quite often too, even if they don’t talk to me. There will be times that I catch someone looking at my tee, and I will go up to them and start talking about Jesus. There are even a few new people at our church who are there because of the clothes that I buy from this online retailer.

This company has other things that they sell too. They sell jewelry, mugs, accessories, and clothing for men as well as children. I have started buying gifts for my nieces and nephew from this site because they also go to church, and they love everything I have given them so far. Wearing pretty and meaningful tees is really nice, and I am glad I am able to start conversations with others who are just as hungry as I once was for the good news. I’m a walking billboard for it now!