Wedding Photography & Videography Melbourne

Wedding Photography & Videography Melbourne


We are a Melbourne-based photography and videography company that specializes in capturing the magic of your wedding day. We have been photographing weddings since 2002 and have over 33 years of experience in the industry. Our team of photographers, videographers, stylists, and designers will work with you to create some wonderful memories that will last many generations to come.


Engagement photography is a great way to get to know your photographer and vice versa. This time around, you’re not just booking someone off the internet to take your wedding photos—you’re working with someone who will be there on your big day, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with them and their style. The engagement shoot is also just a good opportunity for everyone involved: you can practice being in front of the camera (and getting used to having your picture taken), while your photographer gets some shots they can use as references for their work at the wedding.

In my experience, couples often underestimate how much fun it is to do engagement photo shoots! They don’t realize how much laughter and silliness ensue when everyone is relaxed and having fun together. It also helps if there are other people around; other couples’ friends or family members usually make great subjects because they won’t mind being silly either!

Pre Wedding

For the bride and groom, planning their wedding day is an exciting time. It should be! But one thing that can add to the stress of planning a wedding is having to think about what photos and videos you want on your special day.

That’s where we come in! Our Melbourne wedding photography studio is here to help make sure that everyone feels comfortable throughout the whole process. We have experience with all kinds of couples and families, and we know how important it is for everyone to have fun while they take photos, Lavan Photography

We can provide many different services for pre-wedding shoots including:

  • Prewedding photo shoot ideas – There are many different ways you could go about doing this depending on what kind of style or look you want for your shoot
  • Prewedding photo shoot locations – We have various options available depending on what kind of vibe or theme suits you best!


The wedding day is the most important day of your life. It’s tradition to capture these special moments through photographs and video. The photographer and videographer work together to get all the details right, including your dress, venue, flowers, and cake. We can also help with planning locations around Melbourne for your engagement shoot.


In this section, you will learn about the project that we are going to make.

The project is for a wedding photography business in Melbourne, Australia. The business needs a website where it can show its portfolio and tell people about its services. The client also wants some blog posts on the same website where people can read about different topics related to weddings like how to get married in Australia, how much it costs to hire professional photographers and videographers etc. so that they can answer customers’ queries before they are even asked! We will create an entire video gallery with all of the couples’ engagement sessions as well as wedding day videos so that clients can buy them if they want.


We understand that every wedding is unique and special. We aim to capture all the emotions, love, and laughter of your special day so you can relive those memories forever.