The WIYB Tag & What It’s All About

WIYB stands for What’s In Your Bag, it can also be WIMB, which stands for What’s In My Bag. It’s a popular tag on social media sites where influencers take their bag and show you what’s in it. Sounds simple, and maybe even boring to some, but has actually been around for awhile and shows the personality and parts of people and what and how they spend their time on a day to day basis outside of their home. It also shows what that person feels like they need when away from home, almost signifying a home away from home feeling with just the simple contents of their bag.

            When looking at what’s in your bag posts and videos, you start to notice trends amongst certain types of people. Not only is their bag featured, but the little bits and bobs that they bring around with them everywhere shows now only their aesthetic, but the things that are important to them. The contents of someone’s bag reveals a lot about who they are as people, as well as what is most important to the,.

            You may be wondering now what exactly is in people’s bags that make it so interesting. Some bags, have obvious themes that reflect the person carrying it and you get a personalized view of their everyday life. Commonly, in bags you will find phones, books, chapstick, and other everyday essentials. It’s an interesting view on how people spend their time away from home, and kind of makes you interested in becoming a more interesting person in your everyday life by being inspired by the posts themselves.

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