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Various Tips on Natural Ventilation

In our homes, we would want to have a natural ventilation which means that the outside air comes into our house aside from using air conditioning unit and other kinds of mechanical devices to produce ventilation because this is important especially if we have kids. Passive cooling is another term for natural ventilation which is used in big or large buildings wherein they would use or create large windows so that there will be natural air and natural light that will come into the building instead of using other kinds of mechanical devices.

There are many tips or techniques on how you can have a natural ventilation in your home or buildings and these can be researched over the internet because some of the professionals have also shared their ideas and experiences on this matter. To have a natural ventilation at home, you should cover your grounds with grass or with other materials that absorb heat less so that there will be a cool air that you will experience in your home or in your offices.

If you plan to design your home and have natural ventilation, you may add pool, fountain or even artificial pond when you have your lawn landscaped so that there will be cool air coming from the water and passing into your home as well. When you are planning to design your home with different furnishings, you may include bamboo furnishings or wicker furnishings so that you can let air pass thru into this kind of furnishing and it also has a low absorbency rate of heat that is coming into the house as well.
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By opening the windows in your home more frequently, you can have natural ventilation in your home and by doing this you would not need to use electric fan and air conditioning unit to have air circulated inside your house. To be able to achieve natural ventilation in your home, you must install high windows in your home when it is newly designed so that there will be improved indoor air and it will also reduce the heat going into the ceiling of your house.
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The use of wind or air deflectors is very useful when you want to have natural ventilation inside your home and this is very useful because you can redirect the wind in going into your home by hanging these devices outside of your home. Having transitional spaces such as atriums, balconies, patio, courts and other open spaces in your home or offices is another way to have natural ventilation and these spaces also encourage air to flow or to pass thru into your house or office as well.