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What to Know about Palmetto Bugs Removal

Many people are not sure whether or not the palmetto bugs can be classified as cockroaches or not. Entomologists all over the world have opposed the opinion that palmetto bugs are not cockroaches. This cockroach species is common in the USA and lives commonly on palms and homes too. There are other names that are given to these pests including, flying cockroaches, waterbugs, Bombay canary, and southern cockroach. The American cockroach is the one referred to as the Palmetto bug.

Palmetto bugs have distinct characteristics that will help you differentiate them from other insects. Palmetto bugs that are fully grown have a dark brown color and a size range of between 1 and 2 inches, with a long thick antennae. They do have fore-wings that are short but cannot fly. This species has an egg case that is dark brown,0.55-0.63 inches long, and has a carrying capacity of 21-23 eggs.

Where can you find Palmetto bugs?
Palmetto bugs mostly prefer damp areas and survive best in warm, damp climate. Though it is an outdoor insect, the palmetto bug will be found indoors during cold weather.

What are the Signs of Palmetto Bugs infestations?

The only way you can conclude that there is an infestation by the palmetto bugs is when you see them in the house. The bugs are nocturnal and hence making it hard for you to easily spot them. Some of the signs that you can look for to identify their infestation include :

Dark Brown Shell Casings
Small dark brown oval-shaped shell casings often identify the presence of these pests in your house.

Unpleasant Smell
Palmetto bugs often produce a strong, oily odor which becomes unbearable when they invade in large numbers.

Fecal Matter
There is always a likelihood of finding fecal droppings on the path used by the bugs. Young bugs produce waste that waste that resembles black, sandy grains.

Steps in Eliminating Palmetto Bugs

Any hole or crack in your home should be closed as well as using wire screens on the windows and vents.

Baits can do Magic
Lightly dust boric acid in places that you have seen the bugs. You can alternatively make your own bait using one part sugar, one part boric acid , and two parts flour mixed with enough water to make little cakes.

Use Appropriate Pesticide
The most effective pesticide is one with citrus products.

Always ensure that any water or food that the bugs can use is eliminated, and a clean kitchen environment be maintained.

In conclusion, Palmetto Bugs should never be confused to be any other insects. It is an outdoor insect but becomes a pest in your home during the cold weather.
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