In Love, Every Lover Is a King or Queen, Flowers Its Symbolic Depiction

Lucknow, the city full of amazing history and monuments that weave the story of royal life is incomplete without the common people. Today with democracy, every individual is a common person. However, they all enjoy life like royal citizens, since they possess that precious feeling called love. What makes this love more special? Show this love and affection with gestures and presents. One would definitely want to gift precious presents to their loved ones. But is that what the beloved desires?

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

By Emma Goldman, this quote represents the thought and belief of major women today. When everything in life leaves, love stays. This constant feeling needs no diamonds as proof, but fragrance of flowers to keep it fresh and colorful. Lucknow is a city of rich culture and heritage has been the witness of love. Not just the romance of Nawabs and their building monuments in honor of their wife, the queen. The average person also felt this emotion of love and lived it with simplicity, unlike the grand celebrations of kings. Flowers were then the best way to confess love and affection to the beloved. These still have similar effects on every heart, as they are still the best way to express unsaid feelings. No, not everyone can buy diamonds, but flowers for sure.

A flower everyday by the table or a bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day is much more precious, and affections displayed are priceless. Some concepts never age, and gifting flowers is one such amazing idea that has been alive for centuries now. Buy valentines day flowers to Lucknow and celebrate the never-ending spirit of this tradition of expressing love.

Therefore, no matter which heritage site, garden or restaurant one visits to rejoice on this day, flowers make everything even more special. The choice of flowers says a lot about the giver’s feelings.

  • Roses are the first thing that comes to mind while thinking of Valentine’s Day. A red rose reflects love, beauty, perfection and courage. Flower growers prepare these plants for months, in order to have bloomed roses by this day. Rosebuds are also pretty and symbolic gifts.
  • Daisies are those happy flowers that would bring precious smile on the face of the beloved. Its peppy colors add cheerfulness to its appearance as it symbolizes or perhaps reflects the purity, innocence and beauty a lover finds in his/her beloved.
  • Tulips do the role of making someone feel extremely special. It imparts that feeling of perfect love with warmth from its colors and adorable look.
  • The fragrance of Casa Blanca Lilies would amaze any of its admirer. A bouquet of these lilies undoubtedly presents beauty with all elegance. As expensive these might be, a bunch of these white beauties would surely make the day super special.

The list of valentine flowers to gift goes on. However, the lover would have to gift the flowers of the beloved’s choice to keep them happy and satisfied.