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Electric Cigarettes – Facts You Should Know

Many people do not find it easy to quit their habit of smoking even if they are already aware about the danger it creates. Many years, lots of company have been innovating and making devices that could help people quit smoking. There are nicotine patches and gum that people use to cut the habit.

Electronic cigarette is the newest invention in the market today which is also called as electric cigarette or e cigarette. They are created to look and feel like cigarettes. Although it has smoke, it does not have any tobacco. If you will use this, you will inhale nicotine vapor which comes in a smoke, but it does not have carcinogens which are harmful to the users and the people around.

The electric cigarette has a nicotine cartridge where it contains liquid nicotine. When you use this, it has tiny battery powered by atomizer that change the small amount of liquid nicotine into vapor. When inhaling nicotine vapor provides the user nicotine hit in second instead of minutes with gum and patches. When it is inhaled, a small LED light at the tip of the electric cigarette turns into orange in order for it to look like a real cigarette.
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The nicotine cartridge comes in several strengths. You can find different brands which has half strength, minimal strength, and full strength. This is intended for people who really want to quit smoking. When you get used to electronic cigarette, you will decrease the strength, until you stop.
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Electric cigarette comes with advantages over patches and gum. It hits much quicker and it gives the act of inhaling smoke.

When it regards to financial aspect, it has benefits too. The initial investment can be expensive, but later on it will save money.

You can find in the market cheap Chinese imitations. The price is half than the branded one and they look like the real thing. But it is not advisable to choose this since it may not undergo rigorous testing and it may be dangerous to your health.

There are people who believe that electronic cigarette lowers down the nicotine craving which will help them stop smoking. But it is not yet clear is e cigarettes really stop smoking habit of people. There still a chance that they may continue their nicotine addiction which affect the quitting.

These products have not yet examined by scientific studies. Electronic cigarettes are popular among teens. You will find some state which prohibit the usage of electric cigarettes among teenagers. However, there are some of them who buy it online. This becomes appealing to this age group because of its easy availability including the different flavors. This is the reason why FDA regulation prohibit the teens from ordering this e cigarettes online. This is to protect the teenagers.