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Tips for Selecting an Arborist or Tree Service

The appearance and health of trees are mainly affected by he who controls the pruning saw. Correct tree planting, pruning and care can produce a structurally tough and healthy tree that lasts for several years. Wrong care can significantly shorten a tree’s life and waste the time and money put into raising it to maturity.

When vetting a tree service, first ensure it is legit. Is the business licensed and sufficiently insured? Any person can buy a chainsaw and advertise in the paper, calling themselves a tree service provider. Tree work, however, is very hazardous and requires professionals who are skilled, trained, properly geared, and insured. Ensure that the company you are considering have current liability insurance, and tell them you have to to see a copy of the policy. Also request for a copy of their license.

Look for safety equipment. Helmets with protective glasses and steel toe boots are musts for all ground personnel. The climber must have the latest in safety and climbing gear, including the right saddle, arborist climbing ropes and other essentials. If somebody shows up carrying a ladder, decline politely. Tree companies do not make use of ladders; instead, they have safety and rigging gear specifically designed and created with the demands of tree work in mind.
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Get the estimate in written form. For your protection, be sure the estimate is given in writing. Legitimate tree services will always put their offer in written form, period. And never put any money down. A tree service never asks for any amount up front. After all, there will be no materials to be furnished for tree work – only manpower.
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When requesting for estimates, the details should all match up so that can make reasonable, apples to apples comparisons. Ask questions and check if your expectations are well understood.

Have patience. Pricing can differ significantly from one company to another. There are a lot of factors that play into pricing, but keep in mind that tree work is not a commodity where price is the only one that matters. Tree work is hazardous, and you should be willing to pay the price of using the experience, equipment and insurance coverage of a professional.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. Companies belonging to the BBB have always enjoyed more respect in the industry. If you are thinking of hiring a service that is not BBB-registered, at least find out why.

As you may know, there are so many tree service providers these days. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that they’re all the same. That’s the reason you need to go through the steps indicated above, if only to ensure that you make the best choice.