Zippers Online

zipper-in-repose-22Agustus2016 copyEveryone will eventually need zippers. The humble zipper is the most popular way of making enclosures, so all of us will have to buy replacements sooner or later. There may be a few different places that you’ll look for replacements, but the easiest thing to do will be to get your zippers via They have a wide selection, and because they are online, they will be your most convenient option.

They have everything from the tiny, invisible zippers that are often used on women’s clothing to heavy duty zippers, and even marine zippers for bimini covers and very heavy zippers for Jeep canvas. Check their site for heavy duty zippers from

They also have a variety of colors, lengths and even closure types. So if you want a double-ended zipper for a sleeping bag, or a standard bottom opening zipper for your jacket, you’ll be able to find something on their site.