Tips That Can Help You to Pick the Best Full Sleeve Shirt for Different Occasions

Tips That Can Help You to Pick the Best Full Sleeve Shirt for Different Occasions

A shirt with a long sleeve comes in a range of colours and patterns. Due to the versatility of shirts, one has to choose a good quality full sleeve shirt and make sure that it fits well.

Choosing a full sleeve shirt is a complicated task since it can be used in various locations such as job interviews, social gatherings, or casual meetings. One should always choose a full sleeve shirt keeping a lot of factors such as colour, size, texture, pattern, etc.

Tips to pick the best long sleeve shirts for certain occasions or meets

To purchase the ideal full sleeve shirts there are many tips such as

  • Picking the colour of the shirt

Colour is the most important element of buying shirts since each colour is well suited for a particular occasion.

  • If you are buying a full sleeve shirt for a job interview make sure that it consists of conservative colours such as white, off-white, light grey, or light blue. These are the safe colours that would give of good first impression for job interviews
  • While purchasing long sleeve shirts for casual parties or meets, choosing a bright or unconventional colour is the right choice such as bright green, orange, and pink.
  • For attending casual meetings related to businesses, people prefer dressing up and not looking very formal simultaneously. Therefore for these situations, purchasing a full sleeve shirt that has a mix of two to three colours that blend well together such as green blue and grey is the right option.
  • Picking patterned shirts or ties

Even though solid colours are widely used, different patterns in full sleeve shirts are also considered appropriate.

Patterned shirts are considered more appropriate to be worn in casual occasions are laid back office settings whereas solid shirts can be worn with the tie for high-level formal meetings.

A patterned tie can also be worn with a solid colour t-shirt for different occasions.

  • Choosing the right collar of the shirt

There are two types of collars: standard and spread.

  1. The standard collar is usually the type of collar where the edges point downwards at a 60-degree angle. The scholars were usually designed to elongate the more rounded face.
  • A spread collar is considered to be a modern style and is also youthful. The points of The scholars are cut away and face downward at a 90-degree angle. The scholar is well suited for people who have long faces and want to create an effect of a rounded face.
  • Proper fit of the shirt

Fitting is considered to be the most important factor to be checked while purchasing a long sleeve shirt. There are three types of fits: slim athletic and broad.

  1. A slim fit is slightly tighter and there is almost no excess fabric that is left around the back and sides. This fit is perfect for people who are skinny or want to get a more modern look.
  • Athletic shirts are tapered at the waist and have a full chest. The shirts are ideal for people who have a muscular body with a wide chest and arms. An athletic long sleeve shirt offers a lot of room for a muscular chest and arms to fit without making it look tight.
  • Broad fit or traditional fit gives the person’s body more breathing room while it’s tucked in.
  • Picking the right fabric for the shirt

Long sleeve shirts are basically into common types of fabrics: cotton and linen.

Linen is a part of the strong fibre and it is a bit crisper than cotton. The shirts are ideal for informal occasions such as parties.

Cotton has a more absorbency rate than linen and is also very soft. Cotton long sleeve shirts are more appropriate for formal occasions such as job interviews.

The fabric should be thick enough to be worn in winter or fall months for keeping the body warm too.

Therefore, purchasing the right long sleeve shirts requires a firm idea about the colour, fit, pattern, as well as fabric of the cloth. Buying a long sleeve shirt is ideal for winter and fall months since they also retain heat for keeping the person warm.