Party Bag Fillers

Party Bag FillersTake a look at our excellent range of children’s filled party bags and children’s party and loot bags, which are ideal for boys and girls. First issues first, you need to have a fashionable bag to hold all the goodies in. We love these Fairtrade cotton bags from Wedding in a Teacup which have sufficient area to fit many treats in. Whether you are aiming for giggles with your celebration bag contents or are presenting them seriously as a thoughtful gift, the aesthetic of the bag is suitable for any hen celebration.

For dd’s 7th I’ve brought every person a water bottle and I’m going to put a handful of sweets inside and a tag saying thank you for coming to my celebration water bottles price me £15 sweets £4.00 and tags £2.00 so £21 for 30 little ones I am a delighted bunny just want to fill with sweets and add tags everyone will get a latex hellium balloon the helium and balloons is £20 lastly everyone will get a slice of cake.

I did not DIY all of the Loot Bag fillers this year like I have done in the previous (click right here to see those ones) but I did make confident that there wasn’t also a lot candy filling up the kiddos right after cake, cupcakes and lots of cookies… I put in a fruit snack and a candy skewer, and then rounded it out with Sesame Street Stickers, bubbles, a glow stick and a thank you photo of my boy!

Final year for his 3rd birthday I occurred to go into The Pound Shop & they had five distinct games produced by Grafix (so a excellent make) they were all ‘match games’ so one card would have a picture on it and they there was a second piece that fitted onto it with the word, or there have been clocks & the second piece had the right time and so on.

To make the skewers I just threaded the candy on the skewer in a pattern and covered it with a sandwich bag (you know the type, the ones that fold more than that you choose up by mistake when you are reaching for the zip up sort but not paying sufficient interest at the shop…) then add a ribbon about and you have a swift easy Loot Bag filler!