Learn How to Match the Right Handbag With Your Outfit

Learn How to Match the Right Handbag With Your Outfit

Many times a solid, chic outfit can go from simple to wow, merely by adding accessories. Whether a sparkling vintage necklace or a great pair of shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings, fashion handbags get majority of the attention.

To be considered stylish, is to be on top of the contemporary fads at any specified time or season, expressed in good taste and flawless execution with your own character in mind. While we look at one another, voguish magazines or celebrities for inspiration, make sure you pull some of yourself into your selections. You should be creating crazes for others to follow by your choices. Trends only go so far for certain people; often times, dressing up or down can decidedly change the appearance depending on the person who mirrors those modish movements. And obviously, body type extends those preferences.

Handbags hold several different purposes for each individual, but visually and structurally reflect that sense of personal style. How would you define a woman who carries an extra-large slouchy hobo or a casual canvas tote? Does that differ from the person who effortlessly carries it all in a large wallet or a high-quality carryall? Hopefully you’re not internally judging one another, rather remarking on how or why she put her look together in such a manner – and how amazing her accessories are paired.

Style is a private decision – and one that has many faces and personalities that do not generally work for everyone and depend on situations or occasions. The woman who carries a small satchel to work may decide a handheld clutch is perfect for evening – and may even carry it inside her larger bag for impromptu happy hours. That is a woman on a mission! And very prepared, I might add. So, is it envy or disdain?

Finding your purse identity is paramount before planning your shopping trip. Are you snobbish with all leather staples? Do you imitate the granola chic genre requiring a tote sturdy enough only for farmers markets or library books? Do you prefer bold pieces by complementing your modish look with bright colors or even animal prints? What will it be: big or small sack, lady? When will you use your handbag: day, night, work, casual use, traveling or nights out?

More so than essence, budget has a lot to do with a particular purse preference. Don’t shop outside your means for “cheap” or branded bags with minimal intended use and especially for something overly trendy, seasonal or fake. Set your sights on percentage of use, the craftsmanship and its guarantee, and compare that to its price tag – is this something that will wear AND age well, considering its cost?

You should have more than a few bags in your closet representative of your behavior and individuality, with the ability to coordinate one purse with several looks. With that, a few on-hand stand out pieces that match evening and weekend wear will fully accessorize your wardrobe. Accessorizing is fun, so play with colors, sizes, materials and contrasting patterns – you may just find your perfect signature piece.