How to wear a Shapewear Properly

How to wear a Shapewear Properly

Body shapewear or belly wraps are now gaining popularity among mothers after childbirth. It is said that the use of shapewear can speed up weight loss.

The use of shapewear bodysuit has begun to be widely used. Several studies mention there are benefits behind wearing shapewear,

The Shapewear works by providing light compression that ‘wraps up’ and supports the abdominal muscles. This condition is mainly because the abdominal muscles are not fully able to tighten after the pregnancy process. In order not to be mistaken when wearing shapewear, here are some ways to wear shapewear.

1. Stand in front of the mirror

If someone can help you put on shapewear, great! This is the best way to wear shapewear. However, it’s also possible to put on the shapewear on your own without having anything to help you out as well. If you are going to wear it yourself, use a mirror (preferably several mirrors at once, like a mirror that surrounds the body) so that you can see what you are doing. For those of you who want to find shapewear and sweat waist trainer at affordable prices, you can buy them at

2. Put on the inner layer

Before you put on shapewear, put the clothes on it first. Of course, if you wear shapewear before sex, there’s no need to do this. However, wearing shapewear daily certainly requires a layer on the inside of the shapewear. It also absorbs moisture and dirt from your skin, thus protecting your shapewear.

  • You can buy underlayers for shapewear, which resemble sleeveless tops, but you can also wear t-shirts or blouses. Depending on your clothes.
  • If you wear layers in shapewear, choose one made of cotton or other breathable material. Layers made of Lycra or spandex will only make you sweat even more.
  • Most stores that sell shapewear will also sell liners. You can also make this lining yourself if you can sew, as it looks like a tube.

3. Make sure to wear the shapewear in the correct direction

For those of you who are looking for Shapewear at affordable prices, you can buy it at Feelingirldress. Here are some ways to wear shapewear in the right direction

  • Finer fabrics should be placed on the outside.
  • The part with the strap is on the back, and the side with the hole and button on the front (this is irreversible, as this is how shapewear shapes your body).
  • If your shapewear has a breast support section, differentiating the top and bottom sides can be a little difficult. Usually, the top of the back will be straighter than the bottom, but this is not always the case.
  • When you are ready to wear it, the front of the shapewear should be exposed and the straps on the back should be closed, but still loose.

4. Wrap it around your body.

Wrap shapewear around your body to start wearing it. Start by covering the front, having adjusted the shapewear to your body first. You should be able to cover the front easily, maybe need to pull a little on both sides (a little hold is still good) but you shouldn’t have to hold in a deep breath to close it.

  • There are several different ways to do this step. Some people prefer to pull harder to close the front. Others believe that loosening the back of the shapewear will make the front easier to close. Try to find a method that works for you.

5. Adjust the fabric between the shapewear straps.

This fabric may be sewn into the left side of your shapewear to fill in the gaps between the shapewear straps. Your Shapewear may not have this section, especially if it is cheap and not intended to be tied tightly. When you wear shapewear, make sure that the fabric lines up your back and points to the other side of the shapewear.