Custom promotional tote bags – how to get more bang for your buck

Custom promotional tote bags - how to get more bang for your buckWhether you’ve been to a trade show or you’ve gone to a big holiday destination, Tote Bags are one of the dream promotional items, and rather inexpensive to produce. They are a great visual reminder of a brand, and help spread the name of your business to the masses!

So when it comes to deciding on creating a visually stunning tote bag, a versatile and promotional item you want to consider all the different ways in how to get more bang for your buck and make your tote bags something that really attract attention.

Why should you consider having Tote bags made and how can you get more bang for your buck when it comes to creating your custom design? Here are some tips to get you in the Totes bag mood!

Tote Bags are the new eco-friendly marketing tool

For years we were pushed on the mouse mat, pens, coffee cups and stationery holders. There is nothing wrong with these methods it’s just that in today’s more ecological and environment conscious world, we are seeing a shift in patterns. Plastic bags are now being charged and in some stores banned, so having a branded item that is not only a marketing billboard but one that shows that your brand is environmentally conscious has many advantages with multiple consumers.

They give more bang for your buck, seriously!

When businesses are looking at branded products, cost is a major factor, especially if you’re starting out. One of the best ways to build customer relationships and boos brand recognition is to expand your advertising reach without breaking the bank! Whether it is banners or print, radio or even printed cups, they will not have as much impact, especially in local communities like a tote bag,

There is complete visibility of the brand with the bags, they promote a strong environmental message (see number 1) and they are used multiple times now, even for grocery shopping. They really are a great way to see how a brand can be spread amongst communities and get the message out to wider parts with little investment. The best thing? Most Tote Bags now last up to ten years which is a long term investment even for those that just randomly pick one up.

They’re great to hand out, in the street or at trade shows

They’re great to hand out, in the street or at trade shows, and it is completely true because the benefits of doing either really have an impact to getting your brand recognised and getting it into different environments with a minimal expenditure.

Starting at 70p per bag (with some printers) you could have over 1000 bags at a trade show, designed and printed to really attract attention and create a buzz around your stand. Alternatively, if you are walking down the street and saw a freebie that can be used for shopping or groceries then you are more likely to pick one up yourself, aren’t you? That’s what a Tote Bag allows you to do with minimal fuss. They are a really versatile product that plays on practicality as well as getting a mass marketing message to a local community.