Anthropologie Launches A New Weekend Promo!! (2)

Anthropologie Work BagI remember stepping into an Anthropologie store for the 1st time years ago and thinking, Oh my goodness, I adore everything in this store, but geez appear at the price tag tag on that! I am wearing my favourite Anthropologie dress ever, the Ferrous Flower Sheath from 2008 (it was wrinkly from sitting all day alas), along with an old cardigan known as the Traversa Cardigan, the Tiny Flowers Necklace from last spring ( here’s the fall version ), Enzo Angiolini’s Contact Me pumps in organic and my beloved Céline Nano.

I designed this web site as an offshoot of my former blog Confessions of a Serial Thrifter I frequently discover new and gently employed Anthropologie garments when I am scouring the Los Angeles location for deals. The silence of the video, the solid background and the blank expressions on the faces of the models has a a bit of a ‘solitary confinement in the insane asylum’ really feel to it. Yes, I get it, she’s a perform of art.

As great as Chloe looks in the skirt I don’t assume that’s a realistic outfit for most of us. Definitely not some thing I could wear to perform. This was fixable by playing around with the sides of the bag, massaging them like clay until the bag sat in a naturally closed state. A super good saleslady noticed my bag had big holes in it and that my small butter dish was about to go tumbling out. I was inspired to make this by the infamous Anthropologie ruffled shower curtain.

I loved the compartments, essential clip & water bottle holder (which I did not realize snaps in and out), but while I enjoy the bag I ultimately decided to return it. I was super disappointed as I had been lusting following this bag for a lengthy time, but in the finish it just did not match my purpose. Whilst the shaping work is accomplished with a torch, the annealing procedure is still completed in a kiln. When I spotted this polka-dot Merona scarf at Target, I knew it would be great to recreate the Voluminous scarf from Anthropologie. Congrats to everybody showcased beneath – you have won a $50 Anthropologie Gift Card!!

She rushed more than with a new bag and helped me transfer my stuff, which was sweet, and properly timed, because I was oblivious to what was about to happen. For Fall 2011, Anthropologie has returned their focus to two issues we enjoy them for: colour and print. These Arctic Animal Push Pins are no longer for sale on Anthropologie , but I think they had been retailing for about $12. Unless you have considerable practical experience removing stains, do not purchase it. Dry cleaners do not work miracles.