Amazing Long-Distance Birthday Gifts To Make Her Smile

Amazing Long-Distance Birthday Gifts To Make Her Smile

It’s the time of the year when your sweetheart was born, but you aren’t with her to celebrate it. Well, this is all the more reason to make it as special possible so that she forgets the fact that you are missing and feels like your presence never left her side. This is the perfect opportunity to show her how much you care and miss her, and how strong your bond is, despite the distance. But for all this, the same old clichéd gifts will not suffice. Fret not. We have the perfect collection of unique gifts that can be sent to her to make her eyes light up and lips curl into a smile.

First off, just because you aren’t there in person, doesn’t mean that you cannot get that rich chocolate cake that she loves! Be it red velvet or black forest or even a fruitcake, you know what makes her mouth drool and you can now get the cake delivered all the way to her. What’s more, you can get the whole cake customised to have a picture of the two of you printed on it. Want to deliver cakes in Delhi? Well, you are sorted. Just select a cute picture, choose the cake and the cake will be delivered in Delhi. This will definitely make her feel like you never left her side.

Do you miss her often and feel like you want to look at her? She’d probably be feeling the same way. In a generation of smartphones, a photo album has become a bit obsolete. It is also a bit too bulky and heavy to carry around wherever you go. A cute way to share some of your memories is to have them printed on daily life objects. You could gift her a cushion with a precious moment that the two of you shared or even a coffee mug with a funny picture of the two of you. Not only is it personal, but she’d be able to look at it every morning with a smile on her face as she jumps back to that memory.

Every girl is a fan of delicate and pretty jewellery. But if that jewellery can remind her of the two of you, not just to her, but to everyone else who takes a look at it, it would definitely make her feel special. A beautiful charm bracelet with her initials engraved on it will make her heart melt right away. It could be a finger ring with a quote or her initials or anything that means something to the two of you engraved on it. We are sure your darling will feel extra special like she deserves to! There are many e-commerce sites that deliver cakes in Mumbai if your girlfriend is based out of Mumbai.

You can wrap it up with a nice personal card or you can even surprise her with tickets to come and visit you! Nonetheless, any of these gifts are sure-shots to make her smile or even be moved to tears (happy tears of course) right away. You know your partner the best and any type of gift that you will be sending loads of love making the long distance just a number.