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Comparing Silver with Gold Jewelry Sometimes fine silver is alloyed with 7.5% copper so that it will be stronger and will preserve its flexibility and appearance. Despite this alloy mixture the greater percentage of silver in it still qualifies it to be something of great quality and a sterling quality jewelry. With gold, an 18 karat means 75% pure metal while the 24 karat is pure gold without metal traces. It is for investment sake that most people buy gold, and it is more precious when it is purer. But on the other hand, the use of pure silver where you have to add copper to give it strength has always been conceived as a precious piece of jewelry. And when people buy gold jewelry it is pretty much seen as an investment than a fashion accessory. You can show how wealthy you are if you display gold jewelry. Sterling silver has always been manufactured an ornament to adorn the wearer and to complement the clothes that one is wearing. It is easy to wear silver for a long time because of its light weight but gold is much heavier especially if your jewelry is large.
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When it comes to blending with the skin or clothes set beside it, gold tends to alter the balance of color while silver blends with whatever is set against it whether the skin color or the color of your clothes. Silver enhances the look of the gemstones because it has a natural hue. People often prefer white gold since the shade has a lesser color than the pure one and it does not complete with the color of the stone. But more so with silver because of its natural hue which enhances the stone that is paired with it.
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Back then silver was used to maintain health and support internal processes, it was not used for prestige or a way to attract attention. Today, medical researchers are saying that wearing silver jewelry can help balance various body elements, keeps blood vessel elastic, helps bone and skin shaped up, a remedy for arthritis and act as a pain killer for muscular aches. Thus, if you invest in silver fashion jewelry, it will not only be a piece for personal adornment it can also function as a diffuser of these health benefits which is in the form of a necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings, a timepiece, and whatever shape of silver jewelry you might have and this health diffuser can be worn as a decorative item. Why don’t you start to pick up one or two from the huge selections of sterling silver bangles either in the mall or in the internet? Or hunt those handmade designers silver jewelry if you want to celebrate your own style and not the style of the masses.