Martial Arts: How to Improve Your Muay-Thai Skills

Martial Arts: How to Improve Your Muay-Thai Skills

Martial Arts: How to Improve Your Muay-Thai Skills

Did you know that there are 3 easy ways to master your Muay-Thai skills? Let me list down a few forms of improving your skills.

One is through the use of shadowboxing. This technique is recommended for your footwork and flow. What need to do is move around 360 degrees, this is also a good help for your defense. However, take the time to position your chin and your hands; what height are they supposed to be? As well as the placement of your elbows; and moreover be very considerate of your stance. There is a technique called the mirror shadow box. This technique is very good but you need to make sure that the only reason you are using it is for you to get a feedback on your style and stance. In my observation, there were a few who uses this technique not for the benefits stated above. They have been using this technique for muscle flexing. It seems that some people were much more concerned about how they look than that of their techniques.

Second is through Bag Work. There are various types of bags to practice with. However, it is recommended that you ask your personal instructor for their assistance in choosing the right bag for you. Now, working with your bag is just as easy but, you will need to take note of your stance. It feels good to some to simply smash that bag enhancing the power you are releasing, but then again, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your stance, your guard and technique. Another point that could be clarified on the bag work is that, you need to make sure that the bag is not only flying over, it would only mean that you are exerting on the “push the bag” rather than …

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Backpack Boxing Tips - Practice Like a Pro!

Backpack Boxing Tips – Practice Like a Pro!

Backpack Boxing Tips - Practice Like a Pro!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional boxer? Apart from having the guts to step into the arena from the start, it takes years of preparation, dedication, training, and determination to succeed.

Many fighters follow the ‘old school’ approach to training which has been passed down from trainers to combat to trainers etc … It follows the basic principles of strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and explosive power.

Let’s start with perseverance. Many say that boxers need endurance from marathon runners to keep trying a maximum of 12 rounds. This is achieved by punishing roadwork (running), often in the early hours of the morning when the air is clear and no one is around. There are several different accounts about how far the boxer really ran. Some prefer to run shorter and faster (4-5 miles with speed), while others will run for longer distances (10 miles or more). I think the combination of the two is the best for your preparation – long run initially with hill work to build stamina then shorten the run and increase speed closer to fight the night by finishing with a sprint session for speed.

Speed, strength and explosive power are achieved through working hours in the gym. A typical session will follow the basic principles of a general fitness routine – warming up, stretching, cardio, resistance training, cooling, stretching:

Warming up: This will involve 4-6 rounds of duration of 3 minutes shadow-boxing with a 1 minute break between turns. The purpose of this is to involve your muscular-nerve pathways (training activities that must be followed so that your mind and body are activated) and to increase blood flow and heart rate so that the body is ready for intensive training.

Stretching: Good stretching is important to help minimize the risk of injury.

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