Cheap Goody Bag Ideas for Adults

Cheap Goody Bag Ideas for Adults

If you’re looking for cheap party bag ideas, you can’t go wrong with books. No matter the theme of the party, books are always a great choice. Often, you can purchase them in bulk for less than one pound each, and you can even split the cost among a large group of children. Buying a bulk book pack can save you a lot of money, and you can give each child a different title to read.

Great Goodie Bag Items

Instead of candy, try buying small items that are also great goodie bag items. You can buy one great item for $5 per child or buy several items in bulk to make it easier to budget. You can also choose to purchase some trivia books, which will make good goodie bags for the kids. You can even purchase cards for the game Weird But True, which can be purchased at online stores. You can even include a pack of 12 pairs of gloves, which will make them more affordable and more fun to receive.

You can also consider buying mini-lego sets for your guests, which are a great alternative to candy. You can also check the aisles for mini-Rubix cubes, which are brain-teasers. You can even send home something yummy, like a jar of chocolates, which is a nice touch. Then again, you can even get creative with your games! Just remember to plan and make an assembly line!

Instead of giving candy, consider giving your guests a small puzzle or a jigsaw puzzle. Crayons and pens are great party bags ideas, and you can buy fancy pens and pencils for your kids. But remember to buy cheap crayons or pencils, which will still allow you to keep costs down. It’s also fun to give a small tiara or wand …

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